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Squeaky Clean Windows

Hi bit of a long shot but have you anything left for sale pole and pump being of main interest?

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Raymond Davidson
Hi Guys
Due to starting college full time I'm regretfully selling everything.
All equipment is 6 months or less old.  
·         Claber hose reel and 100m 8mm microbore hose - £50
·         Spectrum DI vessel 11L  x2- £150
·         DI Resin  Tulsion MB115 25L unopened - £70
·         Wydale Flat baffled tank 500L Height: 62cm Width: 92cm Length: 100cm
Weight: 35kg - £200
·         SLX 25 Gardiner pole with univalve and 3 brushes - £225
·         Split charge relay - £35
·         Shurflo 5L 100psi pump and Varistream controller - £120
·         Gardiner Backpack V3 22L - £75
·         Skyvac Atom 1600watt 35L capacity with 6 carbon fibre poles 9m/30ft - £350
I will sell it all together for £1100 or at the individual prices
Collection only Plymouth PL5
Is it all still for sale?

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WK windowcleaning

Hi There

Is the complete package still for sale? 





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Hi Jay87 , I would be very interested in the tank, split charger, pump controller, back pack.cheers


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Alan McCabe

Long short is the sky vac still for sale

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