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Chepstow South Wales round for sale!!!

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The round boasts a large percentage of clients on gocardless.

All of the cash clients are always in. A week after the round has been cleaned there are no debts left on the round.


We use cleaner planner app to organise the work thoroughly and carefully to make sure all of our clients are kept up to a 4 or 8 week basis.


Loads of gutter cleans. Driveway cleans and conservatory cleans come from this round as all the clients like keeping their house looking immaculate. We clean everything inside the brickwork. So only a water fed pole cleaner could buy this round as all of the clients now swear by it. (No offence to the trad guys)

The window cleaner taking over would also need to keep up the level of professionalism our company strived to maintain, as this is why this area of clients we clean has become such a highly profitable round and has kept staff and bills paid regularly.


The work on a monthly basis is around £1300.


Any more information you need message me privately



Gleam Clean Uk



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