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Hello everyone - from Eccotemp

Guest Eccotemp UK

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Guest Eccotemp UK

Hello everyone, who loves cleaning! Isn’t hot water always better than cold water? Well we think so! We would like to introduce ourselves and our product, the Eccotemp Outdoor Gas Shower. Please feel free to give us your thoughts, and see below some of the features the Eccotemp has to offer.

- Heat for up to 28 hours using only an 11kg propane gas bottle.

- Automatically ignite using only 2 ‘D’ batteries.

- Easily have the temperature of the water adjusted.

- Easily be turned on and off by an adjustable head.

Also it has an easy hook-up and installation - simply connects to the garden hose and a standard LPG (propane) gas bottle.

This shower is designed for people who require instantaneous hot water which makes this the perfect shower for any outdoor activity.

Find us on the web eccotempuk.com or on facebook by searching for Eccotemp UK.

Best wishes,

Eccotemp UK.

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It looks quite compact but cant find any prices,I prefer to heat the water I need at home,carry a gas bottle and heater is just another potential problem that could go wrong,I like to keep things as simple as possible

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After the news this week - with that carbon monoxide death, we all need to make sure that if we do fit something like this it is done properly.


I am concerned that if it was fitted inside a van there is no outside vent for the fumes, so could be a potential hazard.


It looks like a really good item, just wondered if anyone has any thoughts how to vent it, if you secured it inside the van?


So far my only sensible thought on this, is to see if it could be fitted outside the van, maybe in a permanent weatherproof steel box secured to the roof rack????


Nice to have some time to plan before the winter.

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Guest window washer

I know 2 established WC that converted to hoSwear word!er systems. After 2 weeks they both binned them as toop many windows cracked in winter and the insurance refused to cover them. Remember, hot water freezes quicker than cold water in the winter.


As for the shower - perhaps we could start up house showering - sod the windows, we can give the whole house a clean!!!!

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Boiled water that has gone cold will freeze quicker than tap water.The idea of using hot water in winter is in the hope the water evaporates before it freezes.I wouldn't use water warmer than 15oC+ in freezing conditions but if you can I think it is better to sit the cold weather out LOL :)

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ok this might sound daft but i used to keep tropicald fish the tank had to a submersed heater... could this sort of thing work????


Yes it does work but it takes a large amount of power to heat 200 plus litres of water,it is a good method to help prevent damage to your system in freezing conditions

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I put a 300Watt Fish tank heater into my 220L holding tank last year - complete waste of time. Unless super insulated it lost the heat faster than it was put into the water.


Hence my fish tank now has a nice new heater.


Live & learn.



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I wrap immersion heater blankets around the water butt and heated it up,it got to about 20oC in about 10 hours but would lose heat when transfer to containers.I heard someone tried an immersion heater element with results.Cheapest was sit 25L containers in front of radiator over ***ht to heat up.These are all viable options if your R/O but if you use a DI only filling up with hot from the gas boiler is the quickest and most convenient method £££££ :)

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