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Anyone recently put together a DIY gutter vac and how big poles??

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Just looking around at options and im a tight northern sod :D


Looking at these big Vacs http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Industrial-Vacuum-Cleaner-Wet-Dry-Vac-Commercial-Stainless-Steel-80L-3000W-/252273559136


And wondered if anyone had recently put their own pole kit together?  What size poles will I need if I just wanted to do average (2 storey) houses be able to reach over a conny roof?  Dont want to be a hero, happy to turn away huge stuff! 


Are http://www.guttercleaningsystems.co.uk/carbonfibrepoles.html a good buy or would I be better sourcing poles seperately? 


Any fellow tight DIYers advice most welcome :D



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Hi mike im thinking of buying the same vac, does it work well on gutters?

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I have done this. It's amazing really works. I had a old small vac that was no good from eBay came with poles and hose so I switched it all over to this vac and it works great. People love it. Did a hole gutter yesterday with grass growing right through and down pipes blocked. It's just great 100%

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Looks ok reasonable ltr per muinets rating , it would be worth changing it to side entry this will prevent blockages and stop the dirt from going straight onto the motor making it work better and last longer 

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I wouldn’t go anywhere near GCS for your poles, heard the poles are of poor quality..bit like their punctuality on replying to email enquiries, shop around! Plenty of other options available.

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