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Looking for some inspiration / advice

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Afternoon all,


Stumbled across this site whilst looking for information regarding window cleaning. I imagine people jump on here asking similar questions a lot so apologies if so and if this is posted in the wrong area.


I current work as a postman and although enjoy the job, its changing massively and if possible id rather work for myself. I have always thought about doing a window cleaning job on the side to start and then possibly build it up and go full time in that. I am worried though that it is a saturated market? Not that i have an idea but just seems lots of people are at it (i live SE london / Kent if that makes a difference).


I have never done window cleaning before so if i were to start it would be complete new to me, is that an issue? obviously everyone gets better with time but can i start from scratch? I see there are two types of cleaners traditional and pole etc (correct me if im wrong) is there a big advantage or disadvantage to either? My plan is, in the new year get some money together for a second had van and some ladders and other essentials (i am guessing you need some sort of insurance) and try and build up from there. 


Sorry for the ramblings i suppose im looking for reassurance and ideas / advice if anyone has any to give. Appreciate your time, and again if i am posting incorrectly please point me in the right direction




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Go for it amigo! Good money down your way.

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