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Cleaner planner pro vs Window cleaner pro?

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Hi Guys.


Ive been going around 6 months now and getting to the point where i need something to help me be more

organised as i have a head full of cuddly toys most of the time and have forgot a couple of people.


Im looking at cleaner planner and window cleaner pro and wondered if anyone could give me any feed back

on the pro's and cons of each.


Window cleaner pro is just over £200 per year and Cleaner planner pro is £300 per year.

Is there anything that Cleaner planner offers that Window cleaner pro doesn't that i am missing and would 

justify the extra £100?.


As always thanks in advance for any comments.


Regards Wayne

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Pretty sure window cleaner Pro hasn't been updated in years and they are still selling the overpriced program some one correct me if I am wrong.

As for Cleaner Planner their is a cheaper basic package which is fine starting out, You don't need all the features of the top end one unless you are going to use them, I have used CP for over 3 years now and wouldn't use any thing else.

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