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K in Kent

Forum member into top 3 in Leeds of Google page1

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@meridion approached me about improving his search result rank for window cleaning in Leeds as he was then on pages 3 - 4 for different search terms.

So I expanded the content and re-optimised it, created new content/ pages, did all aspects of SEO across the site and 1 or 2 other things.

He is now 1st, 2nd or 3rd on page 1 of Google for all relevant search terms in Leeds - including -

window cleaning leeds, window cleaners leeds, window cleaner leeds

domestic window cleaning / cleaners / cleaner / leeds

commercial window cleaning / cleaners / cleaner / leeds

traditional window cleaning / cleaners / cleaner / leeds (offers wfp & trad)

He also now appears in the Local 3 Pack for some terms and in addition is 1st for less common search terms like interior window cleaning.


The secondary target location was Yorkshire

Using the above search terms but replacing the location with Yorkshire instead of Leeds he is now 1st on page 1 for nearly every search term and 1st in Local 3 Pack.

I've attached a couple of screenshots as examples and it's fair to say he totally dominates 'window cleaning yorkshire' search terms.


If you would like to improve your rank in search results and reap the benefits of being on page 1 of Google - at unbeatable low prices - with more enquiries every single month all year long then -

contact me through the forum.




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4 hours ago, Green Pro Clean Ltd said:

Sound well dodgy!!   Leeds has got internet?  


Heck, they only just switched from gas lighting!  

we have inside toilets now darren,all the mod cons including running water too-sometimes hot water aswell

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