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Im struggling at to what to include in my flyers to be honest, I dont want to over complicate things but I want to insure Im including all I need to.


My view is if there is alot of text then most people wont bother to read it so i want to keep it simple so any advice that I can get id be most grateful for.


Im not totally decided on the layout yet so again any suggestions are welcome, so far I have decided on a bullet point format and this is what I have so far:


Fully Insured

Tailor made pricing from as little as £5

Free PVC frames and sills clean

Reliable year round

50% off fascia and gutter cleans for regular customers



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I would keep it as simple as possible.


Offer free no obligation quote

Mention you are fully insured,

and would go careful on offering extras.

Saying free PVC & frame cleans may make them think you will be expensive, or they don't want to pay for that.

Offering 50% off fascia & gutter cleans - would not include this, as it can make you sound expensive in the first place if you can give that sort of discount.


List briefly what you clean - Windows/Frames/Gutters/Fascias - let them choose what they want, and you may be able to up sell the extras when you give a quote. Get them to agree to gutters every 6 months - etc.


if you pm your email to me, I can let you have a copy of my most recent flyer - which seems to work well for me.


What I would say though - knocking on doors gets the work, flyers help but we use them as a tool to put into the customers hand when we knock.



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Thank you very much for the advice, have pm'd you my email.


I thing il stick to the bullet point format and get rid of offering the extras.


I dont plan to solely rely on the flyers I just thought maybe I would go round on a sunday sending them out then go canvassing around midweek through the same area and see what happens

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Guest window washer

Hi There,


I have been offline for 3 weeks as waiting for sky to install a line as I moved!!!


I would say that it has to be as basic as possible. You have to include a landline as without it you will lose a lot of potential customers as people think it is a "travellers" business and not call.


I quote as I go round without seeing the back as I work on this principle - I will get a 10% response which is a lot better than the standard 2% but I will inevitaly lose out when I quote. - for example - I quote a standard 3 bed at £10 but miss the large extension so I lose out BUT.....I get my foot in the door in that road and will pick up more customers in time and will slightly overcharge them so will make my money up. I did this Friday and picked up 3 adjacent houses Saturday so I lost out on £1 on the original but gained another £38 of work.


All I put on my quote is:


Company name.

If you would like your frames, sills and windows cleaned each month for £ __________ then please call or text Richard on xxxxxxxxxx.





That is it. I do not even put that I use WFP as it may put some off. Just simple and it works.

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My main aim is not to come across as a 'traveller' operation!


I was considering just putting my mobile number on the car really as I plan to expand a bit further than my dialling code and am slightly wary that if they see I am from another area it might put them off enquiring?

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Guest colinvansmith

Hi, a copy of my leaflet is on here im sure its under a post named "great marketing thechnique" have a read at the post and download the leaflet it works fantastic, alot of psychology involved in it.


Col :)

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I used the same method as window washer simple note through the door saying I been cleaning some of your neighbours windows and I could clean yours for £xx per Month,I got a good response in some areas and nothing from others.Wouldn't be put off with just mobile number on leaflet add a website and email and every couple of months put another note through the door I pick up 10 out 14 houses in one road with this method

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