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sealing problem

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hi  I have a customer I cleaned his drive last year   he wants it done again   but wants it sealed  the drive is block paved  but its not very even if I seal it   when it rains there will be quite big puddles and he does not want to be getting his brush out sweeping  the water away what do you suggest I say to this lazy man  

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just tell him after its been sealed when it rains he will have a pond feature :1f602:

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

I'd tell him it's going to cost. Where bricks have sunk they need lifting and re-levelling first.  This is time consuming and rough on the old knees. 


If he's not willing to pay the price to do it right then dont do it. That's my approach to the problem. 

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Don't seal it until he has had the drive levelled

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Honesty is always the best policy

I can seal it this is your problem and it will cause this

I can fix it and then seal it and if will cost this

Just be honest and give him a few options

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