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6 week frequency - number of cleans a year

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I don't want to sound negative as you obviously have done very well in a short space of time. However £50k a month with 10 men is probably a bit ambitious. I haven't got a problem with ambition but I would set a target somewhat lower as after a while you end up on a treadmill where you're chasing work to keep men busy. Never mind finding 10 good men, good luck which ever way you go. 

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6 Weekly messes up the calendar ! 

I refuse 6 Weekly , its 4-8-12 , anything other, And you end up twice on the same Street with 2 weeks apart , just to satisfy 1 custy ... logistics are a mess with these frequencies . 

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I have started offering 4/6/8/12 now (don't actually offer 12 but will do it if asked and have a few blocks of flats on 12)

Most have been going for 6 which seems perfect to most customers

Monthly as i call it but in reality 4 weekly seems too often to them but 2 monthly too long

I am lucky as i work within a 3-4 mile radius of home depending which work i have on so can always make up a good round for a days work 

I don't care about being in the same road twice in a couple of weeks as i do a loop from home back to home each day and usually earn what i set out to with no issues

Got a bit of work further out now that only gets the 6 weekly option due to the logistics of being further away

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Thanks for the feedback lads on this, I don't mind returning to the same street in a couple of weeks either as all my work will be within 5 miles radius of home. 

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10 hours ago, paul alan said:

I'm full to bursting and I'm still doing first cleans every week. But I'm always there and don't miss a beat, except for storms!


I really want to grow a profitable business with a great reputation, the way I'm going I'm doing something right.


I feel like I can literally walk by and pick up top jobs with ease, I don't really know where I'm heading at the minute but I feel like I can go as far as I want. This year has been amazing I couldn't of dreamed I could have achieved what I have. I'm full up with confidence.


It basically boils down to being fully committed and almost obsessed with getting somewhere, I have dedicated myself to the task.




I kind of have an idea I would like £50k per month of work spread over 10 men in 5 years and I can do that probably in less time but I just don't know if I want all that comes with it, I'm coasting right now and don't really need to make any decisions till next year.


I always set goals at the beginning of the year so I'll make my mind up at Christmas holiday, given the year I had this year I will know I can "go get" and "bring back" a significant goal.


Some people will say that I live a boring life and "how can you love window cleaning so much" but its not boring to me! I'm achieving my goals so yes I work 7 days sometimes and even have dreams about quotes, first cleans, jobs I did last week etc. I am a little obsessed right now but obsession is necessary for great achievement-whatever that means to you.



I think it's great to have goals and understand your obsession.


Im also looking to grow and build a bigger business. I think where my mindset differs from your though is don't work 7 days a week I work 5. I have a big family which wont allow it. But mainly I've realised my obsession isn't with window cleaning it's with growth, I don't physically enjoy cleaning all day, it's ok don't get me wrong but I like the business side of things looking at the numbers and thinking how can I leverage others etc.


I think I'm just easing off at the minute with the building as I'm full up for myself and thinking how to take that next step. I need to employ but I don't want to employ right now as I have a lot going on. I'm in the middle of a house move, I've got a baby due a week before Christmas and also got another 4 kids so Christmas is expensive, not to mention got a tax bill in Jan. Had enough of growth for one year, done I eat 200 first cleans and dealt with all non payers and Messer's etc so glad to have a break from it. I've achieved my target that I set out which was to have 300 regular reliable customers and I feel I've got that now so easing off till the new year when I can get some plans in place to go again. This year was all canvassed work but I've got another marketing method in mind for this year to use alongside which should make a big difference.


Just need to find the right member of staff next and then invest again. 

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Fair enough, i would say im all of those things apart from regular as clockwork, but its a good thing as im looking to take someone on in the new year, so at least i know ive got enough work to give them if im always behind. 
I dont know how you can be bang on time every month, last month i was away for a week, this week im moving house so a few days off. i had to have a day off not long ago as the weather was crazy. Too many things can crop up to guarantee set days, it suits how i want to work anyhow as i dont want to feel i cant have a day off if needed.

if your off for a week then those customers you just skip a month..and tell them why....im on holiday that week...if your off for a day then you may be able to squeeze those in to catch up...always see on hear people saying there behind because they had a week off...dont get why people try and do ones they've missed for the week as what do you do the next month surely just messes your whole round up..

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Everybody's got different goals and ambition s which is what makes our jobs and lives interesting, I'm quite happy being one man and a van having being employed and having been an employer which I personally found a hassle, but if you find a good worker or two the sky's the limit.

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52 minutes ago, paul alan said:

I'm just showing what can be done!


And yeah I suppose it did go on a bit but here isn't no need to attack to it, save your critic for people giving bad advice and being "negative" JAY.

I like your attitude ! Im personally in a mindset-changing fase , i listen to Anything entreprenuer-stuff i can while doing my jobs. My goal is to be better doing B2B canvassing and get these jobs i Always wanted, instead of just Getting them by luck. Anybody negative who looks at a succesfull guy ,says " oh its just luck" but NO ! Its only through hard work and dedication youll get what you want. Negativity is for the weak-minded . :1f44d:

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6 weekly is the way to go . I think I put a long boring post up a while back how I ended up on 6 weekly .,forget calendar monthly cleans . The worst ever . I know a lad works like that . He wants at least a week off at Christmas. Never gets all his work done in December . He had 2 weeks off in August . He’s losing money straight away .,if you wanna go 4 weekly that’s fine cos 8 weekly fits in with that . But don’t start shoving 6 weeklys in. We get our 6 weeklys done 8 or 9 Times a year . The beauty of em is when you are wanting time off bring some in early , they won’t even notice . Maybe do some late when you get back from your break . Then start to bring them all back in line . No money lost . 

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