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Paul Dodsworth

Exceed slick-connect

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Paul Dodsworth

Hello there everyone.

I haven’t posted on this forum only to say hello when I first joined about a year ago, this mainly because I have been learning a lot from all of you guys that post on here all time and haven’t really had anything to add to all the experienced window cleaners.

I now would like to share a small piece of equipment that I have just discovered and might help some of you out, The Exceed Slick-connect sold by EXceed innovation. This is a simple connector that is used to replace the normal ractus fitting, i have used it for only a week now but it has saved me so much time and bending down, it clips your reel hose to the pipe hose together and does not come apart when pulled no need for a protector ball so no snagging on every little thing you can pull it around corners without it pulling apart but then a simple little twist to disconnect,

I am not advertising for anyone but I’m sure this is going to help my back from bending down all day to pick the hose up at the joint so it doesn’t come apart or bending to realise it from it snagging on everything.

I hope this helps out at least one other window cleaner on here.




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