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What to order for wfp trolley. Help!!

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Hi everyone. I’ve a trolley built copied mark Munros one. My problem is I’ve no idea what hose from pump to drum and pump to hose. I’m clueless with the terminology. Do I need pole hose straight from pump?? Also what connections do I need. Have trolley built nearly a year but due to circumstances just getting back to it now. Any help appreciated



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I use 8mm minibore hose on my trolley with a 10mm Claber hozelock connector with an adapter for the pole hose. A lot of guys use a female Rectus 21 to connect to the pole hose though.


I especially would not recommend a hose of greater than 8mm Internal diameter (ID) for your pump to barrel. Older trolleys often used 1/2inch for this but there is a lot of internal volume to be filled when priming which can lead to problems when clearing airlocks. At least it did in my case and fitting 8mm ID minibore eliminated this problem entirely.


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Hi spruce
I can check when I get home. I know it’s only a cheap eBay one identical to what mark Munro had in his. My thought being if I get up and running I can change to a better pump down the line.

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Sounds like you have something like this.




These pumps are pretty good at doing the job if you get the right one. You need a 4-5lpm pump and no more than 100psi. Mine is 70psi and is perfect for hose with an Internal diameter (ID) and up to 25mtrs.

Minibore hose pushes straight on nice and tight and though the picture shows a jubilee clip on the intake (barrel) hose I've since discovered it's not necessary as the hose is tight enough just pushed on. However, you definitely need the jubilee clip on the output side due to the high pressure generated by the pump.


As for connection to your hose, this how I do it as mentioned earlier.




Fitting the John Guest connector allows you to break the hose here to clear airlocks if necessary.


The barrel end I have set up like this. Fit a piece of plastic tube over the soft minibore to keep it straight otherwise it may not stay on the bottom of the barrel and to hold it in place use something like this.




This was a spare part I had lying around but something like this is available from Gardiners




you may have to push a short piece of pole hose over it to get it to fit in the minibore. You can just see where I have done this in the above picture. You can even create a filter with this if put your mind to it.


On a different note I've had a number of microswitches burn out on these pumps and it's not easy to source a replacement. However, there is a small mod you can make to the end cap with a small drill and craft knife or small file that will enable you to fit a regular one.




The other way around this is to fit a relay into your wirning that will reduce the current flowing to the microswitch and reduce the wear on it considerably. If you ever want to do this just ask on the forum and one of us will show you how to do it










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