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Removing tar spots

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Hi all,


I'm having a bit of grief getting tar spots off a block paved driveway.  The customer has been driving over fresh tarmac pavement onto the drive and it's left light patches of bitumen (no physical pumps just staining) .  I have always just scrubbed the surface with a hypo mix and the pressure washed the driveway for great results.  In this case the drive looks great but now shows up the tar spots which haven't budged!


I've now scrubbed the stains with swarfega oil and grease drive cleaner and another citrus based degreaser and it hasn't touched them.


I've bought some of this as it's solvent based:




and was going to use a wallpaper steamer to heat it all up.  any other ideas?  ive read petrol might work but will that stain the paving?


I'm about 3hrs and two trips offside on this job and want to get it sorted.


thanks in advance 



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Wall paper steamer, wire brush and another go with the degreaser worked in the end.  Looked like a bit of a plum getting the steamer out but custy happy and ive been paid 👍

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