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Complaints from people who live below my customers

Guest colinvansmith

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Guest colinvansmith

Hi, all i have recently received a few complaints whilst using my wfp on first floor apartments from the people living below on the ground floor as the water drip from above and hits their windows. have any of you come up against this, and how best should i deal with it.



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Give them a better price for their window cleaning down stairs.


Say "well I'm in the area for to clean these windows anyway, if you would like me to give you a free clean then match your window cleaners price minus 10%, I'd be happy to clean your windows on a regular basis aswell."

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Guest colinvansmith

yeah i know that but they say its the dirty water dripping from the above windows and as it runs down the side of the building sometimes they say it pick up dirt but i have waited before when this has happened until it has all dried in and there were no marks.



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On the very first clean, I tend to pre-empt this, and get their neighbour to speak to them first.


Then I clean their windows for free, JUST on the first clean - when I get the windows above up to scratch.


I feel this is fair, as when I do a deep clean on the frames, sometimes there is so much muck that I think if I lived downstairs, I would be put out.


After this I offer to clean their windows - at normal price.


If they say yes - happy days, if not, they had the offer.


By getting the neighbour to speak to them it takes the argument away from you - it is then something for the neighbours to sort out.


So far no problems.

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Dont know what they can complain about really Col, the water is pure so shouldnt be leaving any streaks. Just sound like a bunch of curtain twitcher types!


No. That's wrong on two levels(if not more)

-The water dripping from the upstairs sill will not be totally pure, You rinse the window when you're done, not everything down to the floor.

-The downstairs windows sills won't be clean, meaning even IF pure water was hitting them, they'd only gather the muck off the sill and spread it across the window.

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tell the downstairs flat their neighbour above is en***led to see out of their windows and that you will give their a quick flick over with the brush this once to keep the peace but after that it will be £xx on the next clean there shouldn't be much muck off the top windows if you've done the prep work on the first clean.Flats are always a problem but being polite and a smile normally defuses a bad situation and can win a new customer.

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so ken............. solutions?


Gave my suggestion. Was just pointing out the occupant of the downstairs flat may have reason for complaint.

Other than that it's a no brainer.

You need to clean the upstairs, you aren;t going to give up the job.

It's pretty much a case of try the alternatives we've mentioned or just ignore them.

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