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Sean Keenan


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Sean Keenan

Earning £700.00 - £900.00 per month currently for window cleaning alone, never mind the other work (gutters averages £300 pcm) with over 100 active jobs and a database of other clients (Gutter Clearing, Upvc cleaning, Conservatory Roof cleaning etc).


Consists Of (no jobs):

  • Fortnightly x 1 (commercial) - £5.50
  • Monthly x 85 - £692.75
  • Bi-Monthly x 12 - £131.25
  • 3 Monthly x 1 (commercial) - £40.50
  • Adhoc x 2 - £13




S36 x 61 job .. S35 x 8 job .. S70 x 2 job .. S71 x 6 job .. S72 x 1 job .. S75 x 6 job .. HD8 x 3 job .. WF2 x 1 job .. WF4 x 1 job .. WF7 x 1 job .. WF6 x 1 job (commercial) .. WF9 x 9 job


All work carried out via Water Fed Pole, and all clients are happy with this.

All clients pay online or cash on the day (no evening calling to collect payment). All bad debt has been removed from the round prior to the sale – good paying client only + full list of all previous clients can be provided for opportunities for repeat / extra work.


Contact me via this post or on 07805081929

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