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Guest window washer

Inventing a WFP cantilever

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Guest window washer

I have been giving an idea some thought for a while now.


When cleaning 1st floor windows and higher, ussually above conservatories or hard to reach places, sometimes I am holding 20 odd foot of pole exended outwards as well us upwards which causes a massive strain on the neck and back if there is nothing to rest the ploe on.

I have been wondering whether anyone has made a type of cantilever for their pole. I suppose I am thinking of a metal pole which extends which would need some sort of base to keep the metal pole upright. At the tope of the pole would need to be a clamp (to hold the pole) probably on a ball joint. You could then place your WFP in the clamp halfway and then direct the pole without any strain or without causing any damage to property.


I am pretty sure Flipfast will get this but wondered if anyone has come accross anything similar.

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I have a carbon fibre modular pole, but it's not so much the weight, but the control that I want to assist.


Fair point about the weight, but I have a few properties that have 20ft extensions that are a real pain.


I was thinking more along the lines of how you use a cue rest when playing snooker - to save over reaching.



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Guest window washer

And I thought it was just me that pops the veins out of my neck with those huge extensions/ conservatories.

That pole from Cleaning spot is a ridiculous price.

In basic terms how about an umbrella weight (like those plasticthings or ornate metal ones) with a lightweight ali pole and a universal all joint.

The reality is though it needs to be compact and light as it is another thing to clogg up the van!!!

Worth some thought though.

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