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Window cleaning pricing. Thoughts and suggestions.

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Thanks Darren that’s absolutely spot on, you’re in the same mindset as myself. Every window cleaner should watch this video, there’s so much to gain from it. The only thing i would say is don’t be afraid to charge £10 or £15 or whatever extra for conservatories. I have one that pays £50 every 6 weeks for the conny, it is a considerable size, towards the large end of the scale. Easy to maintain as it was pretty much brand new when we started but it’s still a lot of glass to clean. The customers have made the investment in to having the conservatory so don’t question yourself about charging what it’s worth. There’s usually more glass on the conny than there is on the entire house. If you cant get the right price you’re better off bashing terraces or semis out (conservatory free ones) and getting what they’re worth. All in all though what a great summary fella thank you

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Excellent video green! No way I could sit down for 15 minutes talking about pricing 😂


On the the subject of haggling; I got a text last week asking for a price for window cleaning and they gave their address. I looked on google and my pricing came out at £35 8 weekly and £25 4 weekly. I called the number and it was clear they were our haggling type customers although I usually steer clear of them. My first question was how often would they like the windows cleaned. Every 4 weeks please. Now, as they're hagglers my price went up to £35. Ooh our last window cleaner only charged £25. Ok, I'll do them for £30 then. They think they've got a deal where in reality I've got a deal 😜

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Big sul

Good video made some interesting points & Things to think about. [emoji106][emoji106]

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When I sell add one I'll add £20 to the job if they want gutters AND Conny roofs. Then if they unsure I'll offer a discount if they have both done at the same time and knock the £20 off, if they only want one done then the price stands, unless they give a good reason, then I'll knock the extra amount off. So if it was a £100 quid gutter & £60 roof I'd say something like...

It'll be £110 for gutters and £70 for the roof, however your a good custy/seem like a nice person so I'll knock a few quid off if you have both done at the same time, and do it for £160. 

They think that they're getting a good deal, and I'm getting what I want.

With windows the price is the price, starting this year minimum is £10, up from £8 last year.

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I am just starting out on the Lincolnshire coast, traditional, had 3 customers last week,


All bungalows, 2 bed detached with conservatory for £15 4 weekly, 2 bed detached for £10 4 weekly, 2 bed semi for £7 (every 2 weeks) plus £5 for the conservatory when requested.


The guy before me charged £4 for the 2 bed semi, I know that is true because the cleaner also told me.


All thought my prices were high, first one tried to knock me down to £10 but after she saw how long it took gave me the £15, I need to speed up a lot but they were all first cleans and I gave the frames a good going over too.


From talking to people here they pay £8 for a 3 bed terraced house, £10 for a 3 bed semi house, £12-15 for a detached house, £4 for a conservatory.

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Really good advice there Darren,just checked out your YouTube vids as well and is inspirational to any new player in the trade how you went from having barely anything to building to what you are now,good work

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scottish cleaning service

my rule of thumb in charging is this:- £1 a windy

and a fiver for a small conservatory, every calendar month.

didn't know customers would want it every 8 weeks.

a fiver minimum and first clean the same price.


only had one difficult customer and her house was a nightmare,

took me an hour to do her semi and her mum who lived next door.

put price to £20 and they cancelled me. Best decision I have ever made.


they got another guy who did it once and never came back, they cant get anyone

because their houses are on a sloop and takes different ladder sizes.

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