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The Cleaning King

Cambs Work & Equipment For Sale

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The Cleaning King

Potentially looking to sell about £350/400 of work in Cambs. It varies between Ely/Littleport/Soham and the majority are signed up via GoCardless. Reason for sale is thinking of moving to Gutters only. 

You'll get the customers emails for GoCardless, the full list of names, address's, phone numbers, when due ect.

Looking to get about £850 for it which is cheap as chips especially as the work is well priced, all poled and easy payment collection.


Van & Delivery Tank, Equipment for Sale (again as I won't need it).


Van is a Red Vauxhall Combo 1.3L 

46k Miles

54 Plate

Just had a new tyre, a leak fixed, battery and new suspension.
Back has been water proofed.

Tank is a new one and cost £200 - 350L

Gardiner CLX Pole (27ft) with a Universal Sill Brush, Fan Jets.


Cost: £1.8k for the Van, Tank, Pole, Brush and anything else I have WC Related. Literally ready to go clean windows as long as you've got a Filteration System at home or the things to make the Delivery System into a full system.

Interest Parties please whatsapp me on 07435249897 as can send pics there.

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This all looks pretty good

what kind of pump box or system do you use to pump the water out as didn’t notice that in the sale.

is it a shurflow pump or something like that


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Hi chap, any more info on the work? How long to complete, how many people etc?

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