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How to transfer Gocardles customers when selling a round?

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 If I sell a round full of GoCardless customers is there a method for transfering them automatically to the new window cleaner.

what have you done in the past that worked best?

I’m asking as a friend is selling and am unclear after some research. So far it looks like you’d have to cancel the customers and then individually register them again. Anyone with any experience?

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

The only people that can answer this will be GC customer service.  


Before you could even consider a transfer the new company would need a GC account to start with. 


Also with all the Finincal Services Regulations covering GoCardless I think it wouldnt be simple. 


Plus side is if the do all need to re register it wont be a ball ache as they all have experience with GC already. 



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Ok, this was the reply I received which is consistent with this the research that I did, I was hoping there would be a work around that people on the forum may have been awear of. I am surprised that there is no protocol for this as transfering customers in many businesses is standard practice, I’ll continue my corespondents with GoCardless and update on this feed as Id like to know why, whether it’s got to do with financial services or if it’s just a service they haven’t built in to their system. 


“Thanks for getting in touch with GoCardless.

I'm afraid that you are not able to transfer customer's mandates from one GoCardless account to another. In order to have the customers move to the new merchant, they would need to set up the mandates again as if they were new customers. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

Kind regards,

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This is a further email after I responded to the above.


Thanks for your email.

We're not able to transfer customers from one account to another for security reasons.

Unfortunately we're not able to provide more details about this.

However, if there is anything else that we can help you with, please let us know. 

Kind regards,

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