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ashley john

My starting up set up

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On 19/01/2018 at 02:31, windowgleamtrowbridge said:

I started 3 weeks ago now! Around a 48 hour per week nights job...

So far I have about £100/4wks in regular work plus I’ve managed to get plenty of one off gutter jobs which means within the first month working a day a week I’m taking over £350!

I’m a non driver trad, so built the windy mobile to start my venture! We all have to start somewhere. It’s just about getting out there and starting it off.

The missus went mad when I told her I spent £400 on window cleaning kit. Now I’ve started she is on board because she can see I’m doing a good job and bringing the pennies in!

I wish you the best of luck. I’m still learning and have a lot to learn but I’m happy to answer questions about starting up because I’m in the same boat as a newbie!


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What did you use to build your trolley and how much did it cost? Its pretty cool looking. 

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I brought a cargo bike trailer on eBay for £50 new including postage from Germany. Then installed two planks of wood using some bolts to sit the ladder in place. I then leash the ladder down to the bar that joins to the bike! So all in all about £53

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good idea. it is a great start!

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scottish cleaning service

The best piece of advice I can give anyone starting up is not to venture far. Do your own and try and get the neighbours to do. Then move round the corner and you won't even need a vehicle. That's what I have done and I love it, after 10 houses I nip back for a tea break. They even post the money through my letterbox if they are out. Best business sense in the world.

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Out of curiosity,how is your round going now??I'm just starting up myself.it's bloody nerve wrecking!!!!

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