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Bored today!!

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Nah first one from Jetmac second one from Rutland pumps. Jetmac one blew the dipstick after 1.5 years so im guessing rings have gone. If I get that one working again can join them both up and get some of the larger jobs done twice as quick provided I can find a standpipe close enough.
Do you fill from hydrants in that case? You ever looked at the licence stuff for it? Genuinely curious

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at the moment with 1 30lpm I can normally keep going on just the customers tap and my 650l buffer tank. I would join the 2 together to create 60lpm on the trailer for larger jobs where I would have a couple of 1000l buffer tanks and be filling from a standpipe.


Here in Devon the 44mm (I think) standpipe key costs about £1300 a year to rent + £2 per cubic meter of water (1000l) You can't tap into standpipes legally any other way.

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Thanks mate will let you know if and when I need it. Just about 1/2 the price of a honda so not too bad.

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