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How many customers a day?

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16 minutes ago, Dr Von Samstein said:

How long is a piece of string?


Today... 2 1/2




I'm talking on average. Obviously different days you'll do more than others. 2.5 mate?...must of been big houses? Or did you just knock off early? :1f609:

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The number of customers I do each day can vary dramatically for me as I have a mix of complete houses, houses with no rear access (so front cleans only) and flats most of which are in terraces. Many of my houses are very close to each other so sometimes I can get through quite a bit in a day.

Today I did work for 39 different customers, one of my busiest days. My least busy day is probably about 25 customers.

However, this is probably not typical for most window cleaners as mine is a very compact round with almost all of my work being within one square mile on a very large estate.

I usually work from 9am to 4.30pm with 45min to an hour for lunch break

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I have one day on my round where I only do 3 houses on that day. (If I’m on my own).

These are 3 massive properties In chislehurst (very posh). Each property is £80 and is a full 8-4pm working quick. 

Anyway, must go and pack, off to Tenerife tomorrow where it’s currently 28 degrees! Sorry, couldn’t resist 😂😝🍺

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Number of houses mean nothing somedays between 2 of us we do two houses another day 2 of us do 25 houses.


my rounds consists of many different house types so impossible to give an average.

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