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Christopher Wessell

Window cleaning jobs wanted around wickford and surround areas

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Christopher Wessell

Hiya I run Swash cleaning services and I am currently looking expand my regular window cleaning round. If you have any work in and around wickford area you want to sell I would be interested in buying. I am willing to pay up to 4x the monthly average the work generates in turnover but no more. Please note also I am not in the financial position to purchase the work outright however I would be able to transfer payment in instalments of the value of work purchased. (E.g £1000 month for 4 months until full £4000 is paid).


I understand this is not perfectly ideal but am willing to sign written contract confirming payment schedule. 


The work would need to be 


Cleaned by WFP including windows, frames, sills and doors

Exterior only work 

Monthly / bi monthly basis only 

Completed on set week of each month 1/2/3/4

Complete with email / mobile numbers for notifying clients

Reasonably established

Priced to secure a turnover of at least £275 per day. 


Please let me know if you are interested and have anything available. I need the extra money to build my sa302s to secure a mortgage. 


Yours faithfully, Christopher Wessell 


01702 680028

07840 606895






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