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Re pricing

Guest kars

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Hey guys. would just like to run something past u.

As you know the round i have bought is pretty underprice. what i have been doing for exsisting custies is splitting the difference of what it should b with what it is which i think is pretty fair? after all its not their fault and most have been fine about it and really happy with the standard of service. as it was pretty slap dash before

Really had to bite my tounge yesterday!! Had a customer with over 25 pretty standard windows who was getting them done for £10 try to tell me that she could get them done for £7.50 after i gave her my new quote. of course i just smiled and said if they could afford to do ahouse for that price and continue to pay for thier licenses and insurance as well as staff then they must be doing it for a hobby!!!! as i wished her luck walking away. but she really got to me for some reason..:@:@:@:@

I would like to think what i am offering is fair???

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Sometimes we come across people that really get to us I have had a couple. They just try it on they are getting a dam good deal at 10 I would be charging more like 20-25 for that most likely. At the end of the day they know for a fact they can not get it done for 7.50 and if they can it will be a rubbish job. Soon they will be kicking them selfs as they wont find a better quote unless they are cowboys.

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I always try to look at the big picture.


Had a similar experience with a customer when I put her price from £12 to £14 she dropped me for a cheaper ladder man.


On the same road I put up 14 houses by £2


so: 14 x 2 = 28, less £12 = £16


I am £16 better off, and cleaning 1 less house - an awkward one at that.


The ladder man has since stopped & she told me she would take me back at £12 - I politely said No thanks, and wished her the best for the future.



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Guest window washer



I know what you mean. And... it is always the people that you would least expect that want everything for nothing.


I had an old lady who wanted her external gutters cleaned on a bungalow. She had just lost her husband and I felt sorry for her so rather than quote her the £60 I offered it to her for half price on the agreement that I gain her custom as her window cleaner to which she agreed. I did a good job and lost money but sometimes it is not just about making money and she paid me.


I told her that I would see her next month and rudely she said that I wouldn't as she could not afford it.


Screwed over by a 70 year old!!!


It grated me for days but what can you do!


From that day I decided that I would not be a sucker for a sob story as it is my kids money so I told four people who I inherited which were well underpriced that I would put their prices up by £3. All said yes except one so I dropped her. Since then I have dropped 3 more just because they have been difficult (won't let me do windows without them being there and they are never there).


Don't worry about losing a few. Add up the time you save cleaning her windows plus any others you lose and put that towards canvassing time.


I bet you do not lose.

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you are always going to lose the odd customer over price and usually they are the awkward ones,when you lose a badly priced house you gain that time you wasted on that house and fill that gap with a more profitable work.I try to put my prices up yearly but if I dont think I can make my money on a job I tell the customer the price will be going up to this much next month and they have the choice to find someone cheaper or go to a longer frequency of time between cleans at higher price per visit.with putting up with prices inherited from buying a round when you gain a new customer charge the price you want for the job and as you build a more profitable round gradually put the prices up of the older work till it is in line with the rest.

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