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[SOLD] Small Round for sale Twickenham and Molesey

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All jobs have been cleaned water fed pole since January 2015.  4 and 8 weekly  all good payers no messers they have all been weeded out. Nice easy PVC. Very close together houses in both locations. Twickenham includes one block of flats and the houses are mainly fronts of residential for an average of 14 pound a front, all houses are due a price increase this year but I didn’t think it was right just before I sold the round. Reason for sale is I am changing location. Happy to go around and introduce new owner. 


Twickenham number of jobs 21 monthly income £276


Molesey number of jobs 15 monthly income       £157


Total monthly income £433

when done every eight weeks then it’s 3 days and  210-220 a day 


price for this round is 1500

no messers please only serious buyers






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