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Gardiner ultimate brushes

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Just giving my thoughts on the gardeners ultimate brushes.


For windows I use ultimate range which consists of the flock, medium soft and the medium brushes work absolutely great in my opinion when used for the correct types of windows.

1.The flock brush is brilliant on leaded and painted windows especially when cleaning old original leaded windows as the lighter weight of the brush with a delicate touch stops the windows pushing inwards, plus a great brush for first cleans only downside is that I seem to go through them pretty quickly probably due to the large amount of leaded windows I clean and soft bristles.


2. The medium soft brush this is a great all rounder really like this brush and used this brush for all windows apart from leaded and painted even though it still as no problemscleaning leaded and wooden, good cleaning power, fast on the glass definitely lasts longer than the flock.


3. Medium brush now only being using this brush for a few weeks really liking this brush great on maintenance cleans, so far only used this brush in the winter months very fast on the glass, rinsing on the glass anything that saves times is a big bonus and during the wet weather so far this is my go to brush apart from leaded and wooden windows.


One of of the reasons why I decided to review these brushes is that my round consists of 4 and 8 weekly cleaning of very mixed and different properties I only have one 12 weekly which is a very large property surrounded by fields apart from one side a large woodland. Well today cleaning this house that as normal windows by the way there were quite a few bird strike that were dried on the glass, few dirty marks here and there leaves wedged in the frames etc the usual stuff for where the house is located,  I started to clean with the medium which is my go to maintenance brush but it didn't seem to have the scrubbing power to clean so changed to the medium soft which seem to fly through the crud and other debris much easier.


Without a shadow of a doubt at the moment in this wetter weather for all my windows that are not wooden or leaded I will carry on using the ultimate medium for maintenance cleans and when the warmer climate is upon uswith the baked on bird muck and dried on **** I think the medium soft will probably be me go to brush, I will just have to wait until the summer months to decided which is best for the sunny periods. 


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Good review den, im same used ultimate brush for my first year of wfp, great we allround brush, still plenty life left in her yet.

Got this new one in post from sureclean omagh, anybody use it before??


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I have a flock sill brush with fan jets purely for FSG, I did use them for windows for a while, until I started to use the ultimate range.


My new favourite brush is the ultimate DuPont hybrid absolutely love this brush.

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