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Green Pro Clean Ltd
1 hour ago, Dave Shaw said:

I get what your trying to do: create a perfect round where you charge as much as possible for doing as least as possible whilst having a stress/hassle free day.

Sorry @Dave Shaw but you don't get it at all. 

It has nothing to do with charging 'as much as possible' it has to do with getting paid a FAIR price for a top quality service.  

The customer expects you to be regular, reliable, professional and provide quality.  And for this they need to pay a FAIR price.  (Not be charged as much as possible) 


I work 8am til 4.30 Mon - Fri.  Don't want to then have to spend my 'personal' time collecting money I have ALREADY earnt.  Why should I?  Insisting on GoCardless simply means there is NEVER issues with payments. 


As for doing the 'least amount possible'  well not to blow my own trumpet but you're going to have to go a long way to find someone that puts in the time and dedication that I do in developing the business. 


What I am doing Dave (Not trying to do but doing) is developing a business that works, runs smoothly and is profitable.  


When everything is in place and your systems work then your pockets are always lined. Simple as that. 


Please do not for a minute think I am trying to tell you how to run  your business (after all I don't want you to feel that I would 'berate' you for charging too little for example) All I am doing is sharing my experience and experiences that have helped me build what is a successful operation.  


Everything I say and think is nothing more than my personal opinion and thoughts not a mandate on what you should do mate.  That's entirely down to you. 😁



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Daniel Perkins

Very interesting video of how you go about your business, you seem to have a rigid profile of who you want as a part of your customer base. I would bend a little more than you would though, part and parcel of any job IMO & everyone is different.


Personality for me is a huge one, the unfortunate thing for me being commercial is the turn over in staff. You could be dealing with a lovely person for years and then they leave & you get a battle axe replacing that person. To be honest though 99% of the people I deal with are really nice.... always going to be a bad egg in there now and again but no big deal. I always know who are going to be the awkward customers though within the first few seconds of speaking to them. It becomes very apparent very quickly IMO.


I take all forms of payment, because I deal with stores they have their own payment system for all their suppliers. Cash at the till is easiest for them and me but in recent years a lot have gone the way bank transfers. It can be a pain in the backside waiting to get paid, they will always pay but they certainly aren't like clockwork. Completely agree with what you are saying about looking in your account and seeing some random number with a figure beside it lol. My bank in recent times have introduced a detailed summary of the payee so I can distinguish who paid without having to make a call to the bank... always a bonus. Cash is great but then going around collecting is time consuming. It's something that I have thought about knocking on the head at some point and just going through the bank completely.... would save been hours every week. Your Go Cardless system seems to work great for you so happy days.


Buying tools for specific jobs, it's one that I can relate to aswell. For example, I have a good contract with a big coffee chain and have recently bought a specific item to try remove acid etching graffiti... didn't cost me much but I still had to go out and purchase it. They pay a fair whack every week to me in several of their stores so for me.. it is worth going that extra inch to try and please them. No onus on whether of not I can remove the graffiti. If I can't remove it no harm but if I can then I have done the operations manager a massive favour. 


Anyways, always interesting to hear how other people go about running their business. Cheers for taking the time to do the vid and best of luck in the job.






Edited by Daniel Perkins

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Dr Squeegee

Thanks for the vid. It was inspirational. I'll definitely be taking points on board as I grow my business. Keep up the good work. 

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The points are valid but are critical on what you size you want to get to and what you want from it

We would all like a perfect round for a fair price but 9/10 of us will never get it.

And any of us of a certain scale definitely won’t but again we aren’t all square pegs so each to there own well done and all the best

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