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Pressure wash or hypo for these?

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13 hours ago, kevinc250 said:

you should be finding out more slippy,not the old dear,i've said it a few days earlier and it seems its not sinking in,you need to research all about this,i may come over as being an aggressive old tw"t but i'm trying to make you see sense,many others have seen this post and could have posted but have chosen not to I think they see you as a lost cause because you won't help yourself in learning.

if this helps it looks like indian sandstone and it can achieve really good results when cleaned,heres an example from today,their nothing special as that result should be expected if done properly

by the way re the previous post I was lost when you said about sealing monoblock paving with a bathroom silicone sealant



Kevin, think I just assumed it was more simple than it really is.  I had the idea that anyone could just grab a pressure washer and off they go.  In fact the guy in the block of flats where the original  photos are from asked me to just pressure wash the lot even walls. He's more clueless than me.   Never occurred to me to fill those block paving with sand and sealant.   The sealant question lol I asked was more a delving question.  I say something which I assume is probably wrong to force you to  explain how it's really done. My way of getting people to explain things clearly. 


Regarding the block paving in this photo at the block of flats. It was pressure washed 6 months ago.  The gaps have mud in.  What best to do with them now? Pressure wash fill with sand then seal?  The driveway is in constant use so sealing would mean it needs to be left undriven so maybe not possible 



Benz site seems to have videos on walls and roofs not patios and there's no head office number for advice.  Watched YouTube for sealing


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