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Hourly rate or Day rate

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Alright fellas do any of you guys ever price large jobs using an hourly rate or day rate. If you do what kind of figures do you base the rates upon?





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Yes and know I look at a job and decide how long it will take and multiply that by my hourly rate , + any materials , if it were window cleaning I charge a lot more for 3,4,5,6,+ storey work as when the pole needs replacing it will be far more expensive than a short pole : day rate I don’t like if you tell the customer it’s £££ per day and you finish early they will expect a reduction in price : I just tell them it will be ££££ to carry out what they want weather it takes an hour or a week the price is the price : in the early days I did get it wrong at times but these days it normally takes less time that I allowed so we are quids in also with pressure washing we price per square meter I don’t give the customer time scales , measure up and say that’s xxxx square meters we charge £££ per meter so the price is £££ hope this makes sense 

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I charge per square meter. I have a 30lpm machine and can get a lot of area done per hour. If I say I want to charge £80/hour I wouldn't get the job most of the time.

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