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Ova-8 – Is it ‘OVA’ before it has started?

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29 minutes ago, Iron Giant said:

No chance of anyone getting one anytime soon with 2 patent infringements. Gardiners set the bar years ago and no has come close other than copying.

Similar clamps advertising lower or the same pole weights all of which have being challenged in one way or another.

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Could you say what particular part that is actually infringing .

Is this a design patent infringement ?


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Is this what they going on about.

It appears this has been rectified  by OVA8 check UPDATE.


OVA8 removes springs from clamps

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We have now removed the 8mm spring from the OVA-8 clamp. It was found to be redundant due to the amazing anti rotational pole design. Such clamp force needed for round pole sections wasn’t required for the unique anti spin OVA8 pole sections. OVA8 clamps work half as much as other waterfed poles. Great for longevity!

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@H MAN yes that has been the chatter on the grapevine also someone mentioned ionics, But only time will tell as to a UK release date and whether the pole will last as equally as well as standard round tubes and the quality of the carbon. 

@RhysEvans88  Looks like a 30ft pole in total length, total price with vat is £400.59

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