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Ova-8 – Is it ‘OVA’ before it has started?

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16 minutes ago, Iron Giant said:

@H MAN yes that has been the chatter on the grapevine also someone mentioned ionics, But only time will tell as to a UK release date and whether the pole will last as equally as well as standard round tubes and the quality of the carbon. 

This was from OVA8 facebook group page.

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On 3/3/2018 at 11:29, H MAN said:

People have been saying it had something to do with the clamping on the pole and angle adapter.

Here ova version.


Herman  that was the original 3D design concept and if they had stuck to that they would probably have been fine. In the early days there was never any mention of CNER being the manufacturer and I for one assumed it OVA8 was being prototyped in Europe. The clamps as produced look very similar to the Smart Clamp so Alex has every right to defend his patent should they have infringed. As for IONICS ? Couldn’t care less, bit like the pot calling the kettle black. Their latest range of poles have incorporated a load of stuff that’s been out there for ages and they throw ‘patent pending’ all over it? Pfft!

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7 hours ago, Green Pro Clean Ltd said:


A quick search for 'quick release clamp' will pull up hundreds of images that predate the water fed pole industry in general.  Don't see these guys being overly petty with patent claims. 

Yep. It’s always been obvious to me that this is where the inspiration for the first of the lateral clamps came from. ...and shimano are not going to be concerned about a minnow like window cleaning (in comparison to the billions of bikes out there 😊

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