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Bcs window cleaning


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I was 21 and still living at home when I started up, id never cleaned a window in my life. I'd saved a grand and bought a small round out of the paper (that's what you did 27 years ago). I was making about £120 a week back then and used to give my mum £30 for board, and if I was a bit stuck one week I would pay her double the following week.
Now I'm married 3 kids, mortgage etc earning good money but with greater financial demands.
So what I'm saying to you is you've both age and good circumstances on your side, so go out there and make it happen, otherwise you could be working for the same guy in 25 years time resentful and thinking what if?
Good luck in what you do.

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I'm getting a vibe that when bcs uses the word pal he's getting a tad irate? 


He's is going to need around 130 houses at £6 a pop cleaned every 4 weeks to make his £200 a week. Minus his tax works out at £4.80 a house, minus running costs like flyers etc.....


Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

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scottish cleaning service

He will burn himself out and eventually wonder why.

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We use customers tap mate I had a DI vessel plugged in

Surely your going to be spending a fortune on resin. ??
What if they haven’t got an outside tap. ??

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He will run 2000 metres of hose from his house & around the estate & put a few cones along the route, jobs a good en 👍

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

Personally I think it's awful, sorry.  Makes for painful reading.  




Need a regular window cleaner?  (Heading to get their attention) 

We clean windows, frames, sills and doors on every visit.

Using the latest high reach pure water system.

Your satisfaction guaranteed

Don't delay - book today!

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Best read of the week that.... I thought this guy's prices were cheap but you top him. 


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