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5 hours ago, Beer said:

Just had a look at that sight and it's come back 189.00

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Still baffled as to why its as high, what hosting plan are you choosing? , I assume you domain name was a more expensive one depending on your choice, But £15 a month isn't that expensive 


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The £189 I'd probably for the site builder option?


Sounds like you are getting confused on what you are paying for.


A domain name is usually less than a tenner a year and is simply to register your www. Address.


Hosting is to host your website on a server. 


You can get company s that just offer hosting, it can be as little as 2 quid a month for one site.


You will then usually pay a fee for someone to design your site which say is 300 quid. That's usually a one off fee then you just pay the hosting and domain every month/year.


Some companies might day it's £15 a month that for your site building and ongoing hosting .


There's no need to pay more than a fiver a month for hosting. 


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We pay £30 a month for hosting seo, any changes we want doing. If there are any issues, they’re dealt with as a priority.

Worth every penny.


Other advertising we do is 

Canvass ourselves 

Hire in Canvassers

large scale leaflet drops

Targeted addressed postcard via Royal Mail 


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