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Climbing onto flat roofs and getting over

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Is the microlite good for this (as in pix) safety wise?  How about climbing over the metal fence things on edge of them?  Best to put ladder on top or bottom then climb over? I have to get from one flat roof to another as well, use rubber mats to protect floor 



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12 hours ago, AGlassAct said:

To answer your question - yes, ladder won’t go anywhere as it is. The only thing I do differently is split my ladder so it’s not as bulky. Just be careful with the EDPM roof covering. Watch where you tread as it’s not as robust as they make it out to be (it’s 1.5mm thick after all)

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1.5mm hey, well all I can do is be careful, I guess the wheels should be ok


Regarding ladder,  was previously tieing the ladder to guttering to secure it but figured this is better (with standoff) for getting on and off the roof.   This roof gets extremely slippy when wet in the winter.   I usually crawl from getting off the ladder(or don't bother at all)  to the centre of roof and just clean all the windows   from the centre.  This means I am  at least 1.5 metres from edge.   figured if I slip then it might be onto glass kitchen roof with pvc (at worst) or just roof.  Better than falling off.

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I wouldn’t get on the roof if it was iced up - simply not worth the risk. I’d also recommend not using a customers ladder, the whole point of having your own kit is you are liable if it fails and should be inspecting it to make sure it’s fit for purpose. When I worked for the council you had your own ladders issued and no-one was allowed to use them. Tricky one that slippy. I’m more than happy using ladders and have used one on nearly every job today (11 that needed it) but using ladders is purely my choice with my ladders and my safety kit - if the conditions don’t suit (rain, snow, ice, wind) I won’t do it.

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