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Multi-service customer management software ideas?

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Evening to all,

I am trying to waste less time on admin work and overall by going paperless so was wondering if any of you have been using other software than the well known cleaner planner, george or similar.

I am currently using old version of round tracker which is good for a starter but a bit of beginner's tool, as i also have to use another spreadsheet for the daily planning.

However, I hope that some of you would like to share their views or recommend any from the more advanced paperless customer management software? The first one i am currently looking at is around $100+ p.m. on cloud or approx $2500 for one desktop account, while the second is UK developed and from £25 to £90 +VAT p.m. for cloud user and what tempts me is it also has option to sync schedule with app on handsets, where operatives can also do certificates/invoices/upload photos to customer's record and even assign contracts, as far as i understand, on site. 

Services i offer are roof cleaning, solar panels, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, jetwash, handyman and some extras so am looking for a more versatile solution.

Please advise if you have any thoughts.



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Iron Giant

What ever range of services you offer the ones you have mentioned will serve you well, I have used cloud based apps for over 5 years Aworka before the team up with George and Cleaner Planner for the last 3 years and in that time nothing has come close to CP plus Rob and the team offer great customers support. 

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Cleaner Planner is our number 1.

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Thank you for the replies. The two i mention above are ServiceCEO and Commusoft and I am slightly in favour of the second, as CP looks more oriented to regular customers management to me while the second has a bit more weight on being legally tied by allowing operatives do their inspections before work commencement - as you know especially beneficial when customer's written consent is required in prior and the van is parked 7 stories down and 50 meter away from building whilst only one hour parking is predicted with 20min customer time and they take 40 instead... not to mention the batch of different forms (waiver, worksheet, invoice, job report etc) to fill and include in customer's file. The gocardless option is very good point, but custom branding adds £50 p.m. while setup with card payment on site wouldn't cost anything and money is collected immediately (However still haven't compared both in detail, please excuse me if i'm wrong in my assumptions).

Sorry if i ask too much (still haven't researched all options in full as wanted to hear your opinion first to help me narrow my search), but how are regular contracts managed? Can they also be made with CP or processed separately? 

I'm sure i've got more to ask, like multi-property customers management etc, but will read first and try to look smart later.

Have a good one

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