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Pump Issues


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Seems to be one thing after another with this bloody system ive bought!


Im not having issues with my pump, well I say its the pump im not entirely sure. When I turn the pump on I can get just about 15 mins worth of work from it before it cuts out.


I thought maybe the battery was a little low so I left it on for a few hours to charge and went out again this morning and the same thing happened - 15 mins work and it cut out. Now after another 10mins or so itl come back on again but not for long.


I tried plugging in the charger and letting it run to see if it cut out again which it did so im assuming the battery isnt the problem because surely it shouldnt be cutting out if its plugged into an electricity supply?


Anyone else had a similar issue?:@

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Is it connected to a flow controller?


Sounds like it might be a dry joint on the circuit board - when it is turned on, it works until it gets warm - then the heat expansion on the circuit board breaks the connection.


Or you may have a thermal cut out fuse fitted somewhere.


I can't think what would cause that on the pump - perplexed I am.



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Guest colinvansmith

Not sure i think maybe your pump is not calibrated properly, if it a shurfllo pump it will have a built in pressure switch and if calibrated to low it will cut off prematurley. Is it a new or second hand pump if second hand it may have been calibrated to suit the needs of the personn before you and will need adjusted also the pressure switch a little screw on the top of the pump may have been adjusted and might need reset., im guessing you don't have a flow control valve, buy one if not a must!!

next time you get the pump working fill a measuring jug for a minute exactly then measure how much water is coming out it should be between 1 to 1.5 litres any more and the pump may be working too hard thus cutting off because of over heating.


Col ;)

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Generally the calibration will cut out when the pump is working too hard due to a build up of pressure.


If you disconnect the output from the pump so that it just flows out of the pump, not into any hose - and then run the pump for 15 -20 minutes see if it cuts off the same as before.

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Guest window washer

If it is a new pump take it back if not get a new one as probaly losing more money than if you were to replace it.


Hope it sorts itself out for you,

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Guest Sienna_Brown

This is a very inconvenient situation. However, I think window washer is right. You better try to return the pump and if it is possible ask them to give your money.

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