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Pricing help please

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Sorry to ask anyone on here I'm just looking to see if I'm on the right tracks with regarding prices?.


I live in the Bedfordshire area.


I charge 50p for a small window

£1 for medium

£1.50 for large

£2.50 for bay windows and patio doors.


Am I pricing too low? 

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How much would you charge for this??3fa5650502a462bacfafe66f47d1f768.jpg&key=f843b3a2c664195ee19bf43aa825203ce08ed99b00e93c71d696c63397675bdd


I charge 50p per standard size opening window, so £1.50.

And just use that as a benchmark etc.

A double patio door is roughly the size of 4 standard size opening windows so £2


Some like to work on time to clean and access etc.


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I would probably charge around £1.50 aswell. I just didn't know if I was at the right price or if I was undercutting myself. Thank you for your help

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