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Pricing help please.

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Hello, I been asked for a quote to do this house. They want the gutters cleared, windows cleaned and conservatory cleaned including the roof. What sort of price should I ain for preferably? Thank you everyone!



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Part Timer

The conny roof looks like it is going to be very awkward. The picture also looks like access to the gutters is awkward. Be very careful if your quote is based using the flat roof as access. Personally couldn't give advice with what I can see. 

If access isn't an issue then £120 for half a days work. 

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Probably safer to clean the gutter from the neighbours side than walking on the roof maybe with gutter vac or ifs its akward pro gutter tool. 


I had one like this a couple of weeks back, was on a one storey property with two gutters (roof gutter and beneath that conny gutter).

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If you can work from the flat roof (which I would definitely ask the customer while I was quoting)


Then yeh the £110ish/£120 mark. I wouldn’t do it for less. 


Vac out gutters would take-40mins,


windows & doors (on house) inc rear sky light-25mins


con roof doesn’t look too dirty from what we can see... 1hr+20mins (including going round to the next doors garden to clean the other side)


Lower Con windows & doors- a few minutes 


All sounds good on paper 😂

If they don’t want you to walk on the roof, then £150 for everything and I would rather still not do the job. 

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Iron Giant

Looks like the neighbour has a conny as well could be wrong. But could make it awkward.

County Durham Lad

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