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3 hours ago, rwcleaning.info@gmail.com said:

Tap water 275ppm,  600gpd R.O comes out at 9. Then yeh D.I which has just crept up to 1. I’ll change it at 3. 


Same but a 300gpd sometimes 7 sometimes 9 I think it depends on the pressure from the mains.  Calibrated TDS at 000 out of the DI and if it creeps to 001 it gets changed ASAP.

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4021 Ro with Axeon HF5 Membrane
60 psi mains no booster
152 ppm in
4-5 ppm out
0 ppm after Di
@Green Pro Clean Ltd when you say not changed filters do you mean sediment & carbon ?

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Posted (edited)

Tap circa 400

after 450 ro 10 (was 7 about 4 months ago)

change rising now at 2



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Here goes with the highest tap reading so far, from woodbridge near ipswich.

Tap between 510 to 530

40 21 RO with axeon membrane (forget which, the one for low pressure I think)

pressure, about 50 to 55

out of RO 13 to 14, which is great from that horrendous tap reading.

Out of di, usually 0, but 1 now and then as resin gradually weakens.

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210 ish at the tap

Presure 60psi at tap

TDS 007/009 

Pressure 100psi after booster

TDS 006/007 after RO with booster

20" pre filters

40" HF5

TDS out of 25L DI 001PPM at the moment, has been for 2+ weeks

Changed resin last November 

A flush usually brings the TDS down slightly

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