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sohail codeage

Gutter Cleaning Jims Mowing

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sohail codeage

This is Sohail, I am working with Jims Mowing Eastern Suburbs Company which has a number of franchises in Australia, I joined this forum to share and learn useful things related to my profession and work. I love to do work with Jims, We are really specialized in providing a complete package of landscaping, gardening, rubbish removal, gutter cleaning, hedging pruning, lawn care, garden maintenance and garden care and much more other services are offered.


People just call us and get a free quote about our services and they share their requirements regarding their lawn. garden needs. We provide a useful opinion and estimate about the services they required from us. After the confirmation, we go to their place and start work within a very short time without disturbing the privacy of them.


I do the gutter cleaning with my other Jims colleagues. 

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scottish cleaning service

I'm going out to clear 2 gutters and clean them with backpack and wfp. £100 and my customers are happy to pay £50 each.

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