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Pump box/van mount back up

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Pump box for sale. Shurflo pump. Yuasa 14aH battery. Spring controller (badged as spotless). CTek panel mount charger. Rectus 026 type fittings - can be changed for anything 1/2” bsp as they just screw on to 1/2” male thread.
All connected inside with John guest fittings for a leak free pump box.
I used to use it to transfer water from barrels directly into my van tank whilst driving between jobs (only had a 300ltr tank and used 350-400 a day) also good as a backup if my van mount played up as it uses identical parts.
No charger included - it’s fixed in my van.
Collection only from Burton On Trent
Looking for £100394eadf8d4e1578920dedd21f655a1c9.jpg&key=1007c3106122764eb57f30cff058dc659baecd94fc1a4662d6dfdbbb12787ed3d14be78de6cefaa341d0c64896ba28ac.jpg&key=987427940117144f12e24f1f1153125cb9d8b2a048a85d6ffedaddc5559bb415f85e1bbc286113bf6d892ef3abd98409.jpg&key=eff1c7cf46aa4870eb94c594f5d2d175aee65e12775a88d2090c6855cac9f9fc
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I just have to say, that is a neat little box!

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