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[SOLD] Liverpool Aigburth small amount of work for sale

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One terraced road in Aigburth. 60 houses. £350+ of work. All houses could easily go up another £1. At the moment I do wfp on the fronts and I send an employee round the back with ladders. We start at 8 and are finished by 3.30 ish. Been doing the work for 15 years. All good customers. Some pay online. I also collect once every clean. I’m sure most would sign up to go cardless or whatever you use. Asking for 4 times so £1400. I have also got 2 £10 in the next road you could have. Pretty sure there is more work there I’ve just never bothered to canvass. If you want any info text or phone me. 07851234972. Thanks. 

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