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Small Claim against a tenant who has moved?

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Just a bit of back story...


Friday 6th of April

Working on a street and a woman walking her dog walks up to me and says "Oh I've been looking for a window cleaner!"

To which I reply "I am he 😁"

She says "Do you have time today to clean my windows? I am moving out in a few weeks and need the windows cleaned desperately!"

Me: "Let me have a look..."


So I down tools, leaving my mate to carry on while I follow the lady to have a look. It's an end of terrace. She said she only wants the fronts cleaning for now.

2 top windows, 1 bottom window and a door. Windows were pretty awful being right next to the main road. Said it would be £20.00.

"That's great!" she said, "Can you do them today?". 

"Yes, we will finish this house and then be over to you", I replied.


" I need to walk into town to get the cash so I'll be about 15 minutes"

"No problem", I said, "See you in a bit."


So we finished up the first house, drove the van around, set up and did her windows. Took all of 7 minutes. Sat in the van eating a sandwich until she came back.

"Wow, they look great! Thank you so much!" 

Paid me the cash. "I said I'm moving out in a few weeks, could you do the back windows in a couple of weeks?"

I said I would so she showed me around and I said it would be about £25.00. "That's fine", she said.


A couple of weeks pass and we exchange some phone calls to arrange a date.


Wednesday 2nd of May

Now, this is the part I should have been more careful on but at the time all seemed okay as she had been fine before. She had already moved out the day before. I said can you pay by bank transfer, she agreed.


I looked at the back of the house and texted her saying it would be £30.00 for the rear windows and an extra £5.00 if she wanted me to go over the front ones again as they were already getting dirty from the road. She texts back straight away saying "Yes that would be great, go ahead." So £35.00 all in.


So I did, and I took pictures of before and after etc..


Then I finished up, sent her a text saying I'm all done, here are my bank details and....no reply. This is Wednesday afternoon.


Thursday 3rd of May

So after nothing that evening, nothing all day Thursday...I send a reminder text that afternoon. Nothing.


Monday 7th of May

It's now Monday the 7th and still...nothing. So I send another text. Yeah, you guessed it.


Friday 11th of May

I finally call her on the 11th after hearing literally nothing back from her and to my amazement, she answered! I said who I was and she said: "OMG I'm so sorry I haven't paid you yet have I! I will do that right away." Left on good terms and thought great that's her sorted.


Monday 21st of May

It's now the 21st and still a big fat ZERO from her. I've just sent a final payment request as I've had enough of reminding this woman, she clearly doesn't want to pay.


If she doesn't pay up within a week, I would like to file a Small Claim against her but I'm a bit concerned as she has already moved out. I have her full name, mobile number, photo evidence of the work and all the texts of her agreeing to the price with the address quoted in the text also. The only thing I don't have is her new address, as at the time I didn't think I would need that. Hindsight eh?


What can be done? If nothing with the information I DO have, could I call on the new tenants, ask for the landlords' details and see if he as a forwarding address? Can I file a claim against her using the old address? 


Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

One off get paid first.  


Learn your lesson cause the effort you're going to put into finding her ain't worth £30.  (And I've sued over £8 before) 

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Dave Shaw

Have the rules changed recently as I over heard a programme my misses was watching the other day and he said that for a claim to have any chance of standing up in court then there has to be a written document that has been agreed and signed by both parties that proves what work has been carried out and for how much.

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5 hours ago, Green Pro Clean Ltd said:

One off get paid first.  


Learn your lesson cause the effort you're going to put into finding her ain't worth £30.  (And I've sued over £8 before) 

That's exactly what I'll be doing from now on. Just wish it was over a tenner! 

Do you think as a last resort I should still threaten her with small claims in the hope it might scare her into paying?

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Let it go and take the hit. It's not worth spending any more energy on it than you already have.

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