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Internal window cleaning

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I use this method on high internals though it's a not vikan but same thing. Microfiber pad that velcros to the articulating plastic pad. Spray bottle of pure water, spray the pad then rub the glass or if it's low enough then spray the glass directly then rub.

It's only good for maintenance cleans that don't get very dirty and are done regularly. If it's a first clean then you'll need to use a more thorough method the first time but once the glass is up to standard then you can use this to keep it clean.

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Ditto I have this system as I’m no good at trad cleaning due to dodgy elbow. Just cleaned a bungalow this afternoon using unger window microfibre clothes,. I mist the windows with purified water, then clean with the damp cloth, then dry off with the dry cloth. Works brilliantly on maintenance cleans, really fast with good results.. I use the cilantro system on larger panes and conny ceilings!!!

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