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Pricing driveways

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scottish cleaning service

I had a few of those karacher washers and everyone gave u the ghost after 13 months. They are ok for cleaning the car but not meant for driveways. Karacher must make a fortune out of those washers, nearly everyone has one or had one.

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I think you are both right and £500 is a non starter. I'm sticking with my pricing plan which is £3 a sq metre for cleaning then re-sanding. The sand is £6 a bag and will need £50 worth on a job and throw in diesel and petrol for machine means another £50. So one is £100 before you begin. It also depends where one is working. My first job is the means where there is big houses and usually rich families. I have 5 jobs to do so I will take it from there. I will letter every house on the small estate to see if I get any feed back but I am only doing it for fun, if it takes off then so be it, if not I wont be disheartened. I will keep you all up to date when I get my PW on Thursday.
Pricing is always better in a more bespoke fashion. No two 100 square metre drives will be the same, one can have a great run off, water supply and access the other may slope down towards the garage door (poor drainage) and have a poor water pressure...and maybe much more lichen to deal with. Drive two may take twice as long to clean or longer even though it's the same dimensions as drive 1.

Always price drives on overall time estimates or get burnt.

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