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Dave Shaw
So a documented client history with name and address with multiple recorded transactions of payments isn't as good as someone using a battered notebook with only street names and house numbers 🤣

No disrespect to you Dave Shaw, But HMRC need to up their game as someone who uses a battered notebook and flings it when worn out and just uses another one is potentially more likely to be on the fiddle than someone like myself who pays £30.00 a month for the cleaner planner and has a great deal more of a paper/electronic trail with £1,000's of pounds of GoCardless payouts each calender month alongside bacs and cash payments

County Durham Lad

I get what your sayin but I’m just relaying info given to me. Cash payments are cash payments wether on paper or recorded digitally. A spreadsheet on computer can be changed many times without being noticed where as it’s a little hard to create a battered book from scratch so you may be able to argue both sides. At the end of the day hmrc can only build a case against you if you are genuinely fiddling. They can’t create things you have never had so if you know your on the right side and declaring everything then you shouldn’t of have anything to worry about. Tbh I’m probs losing out on things. If I’m not sure about claiming for it then I don’t. This is were an accountant comes in. My water bill has gone up rapidly but I’ve never declared it as an expense as I’m not sure how you would split it between personal and business so I don’t include it in my expenses. If hmrc come knocking on my door they will probs end up owing me money. Same with my van. I don’t declare anything to do with it as I also use it for personal use. The more I think about it I’ve probs been over paying for many years

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Dave Shaw

I’ve never really thought about it till green pro went into it but here I am worrying about hmrc and my accounts when I’ve done nothing wrong and there’s people out there wrongfully claiming benefits and getting free money for doing naff all and if they get caught they have to repay it out of their benefits?? All the time you hear about high earners gettin away with this and getting away with that. I bet most of real madrids staff have underpaid big time and then here we are lining their pockets paying for ridiculous tv subscriptions. I mean come on what the hell is the tv license all about?? In Scotland when you pay your window cleaning license were does the money actually go? I bet it goes towards paying people to catch the cleaners with no license. Same as a fishing license. It gets me when fisherman criticise foreigners for eating our fish? That’s what fishing is all about, to catch food to survive. Not to pay our government to catch a fish and then put it back again. Our countries finances are fecked. A couple of years ago I was payin over £500 a year road tax and now I’m payin £30 a year whilst doing a lot more miles on the same roads. How many times have mp’s been done for over claiming expenses on fancy houses that they hardly use whilst genuine people are struggling to scrape a living together. It’s a shambles. Although it pains me to say it(or maybe down to jack d) but green pro and his harsh tactics remind me a little of trump and maybe if we had people like that running our country we could all sleep a little more easily. Also vat and 40% tax? It’s as though they don’t want you to earn as much as them and anything that becomes popular gets slammed. If your from England and you do something great then your English. If you do something great and your from Scotland, Wales or N Ireland then your British.

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They've been at it since way before the times of the romans etc. One law for the rich and powerfull, and another for the masses just trying to get by. They should be the ones having trouble sleeping at night, but they probably dont as I doubt they have much conscience.

I wont use an accountant yet as havent built up enough income to justify, would be a weeks work just to pay for him. Maybe one day.

Anyways, getting right p*** off with b****** phone calls from foreign call centres, usually no one speaks of late. Ive barred over 70 numbers, but still the teeming hoards come, desperate for a scam. Sorry for digression, but just leading up to say, its a damn fine day for a beer or ten, lets forget about all the **** for a while


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