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Need Help with software

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No Mess With Jess

Hello - Looking for some techy help!


My business is growing rapidly and im re-branding the business completely to include gutter vacuuming...I need some help with the software used to run my business. im currently using a window cleaning software called "George" which is been excellent so far....however im looking to get a piece of software that has all the same qualities but cant be put onto an Ipad - the reason being that my staff members can then completed the job - get back in the van - get ipad - tick "job completed" and then if they have paid or not and add any notes. This then automatically uploads to my windows pc software. Is there anything like this out there? or can I build some sort of database? Any help would be amazing!

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Theres a few , cleaner planner and aworka are the two im aware of , personally i would recommend cleaner planner but iv have never used aworka, also with CP you can upload your worj from George really simply and also send your worklists to staff on their mobiles . 

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