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This is personal input and nothing to do with my Mod status. 


Personally I think the adds are now too O.T.T.  As well as banner ads from the likes of myself, CP, Adam etc there is also a google ads banner underneath, In fact I see three Google ads on this page as I write.  Along with the banner ad and 9 sponsor adds that's 13 adverts on one page, but hold on, there's another slot where you're trying to sell more add spaces!   Really? 


Also asking people to donate to join a 'private section' whilst having 13 adverts on the page seems a little O.T.T. 


Private section should be for members that have registered, simple as that, not visible to joe public that has not registered.  


To a degree it has become almost uncomfortable to visit these pages with this many adverts pushing anything and everything on the site.   

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I’ve noticed the ads, they don’t bother me too much.... I’m pretty new to the forum still though, so until I realise what I can / can’t go on then I won’t notice a massive difference.... in terms of a subscription though I don’t think a few quid to support something I use and potentially get a lot of knowledge from, it can’t run on its own for free but £5 is excessive from nothing as someone pointed out.

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