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6 hours ago, Gasket said:

Are they ok to use a bit of degreaser on it

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I wouldn't, just in case. If you need a detergent then I wouldn't use anything stronger than a tiny bit of fairy in a bucket, but even that could be risky, dunno what the coating is. It'll take longer if you use pure but it's better than damaging the glass. I tend to use tap water first, then a final once over with pure.

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I've got 2 to do once every 8 weeks with self cleaning glass both newly installed in recent weeks, My plan is to use the client's outside otherwise i will be on forever and do a final rinse possibly with pure as living in a soft water area surely any light spotting isn't going to show up on self cleaning glass.🤔

But only time will tell one is right next to a building site and will be covered in a lot of dust so the van mount will be useless and mains pressure will be far better at rinsing

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Did this job today whole building is self cleaning glass comes up spotless every time never have a problem with it don’t understand why ones have issues with it ??? 

Dont know what’s going on but it will only let me upload one picture ? 


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