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rounds forsale north tyneside newcastle upon tyne

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I have a few rounds forsale in newcastle upon tyne rounds range in price from £600-£1400 or I wil sell them all together for £5000 they take £1700 per month I'm doing them traditionally but they can also be done using wfp

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could you you please provide more details for the whole round?


How often are the cleans, which areas, are they fairly close or spread out, how established is the round, how do your clients pay and how long does the round take you to complete?


Currently live in beamish and I’m actively looking for a round which takes around this amount per month.


Thanks in advance,



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Hi Sam the work takes 2 people around 40 hours to complete payment is a mixture of cash and bank transfers parts of the round have been going around 4 years and some of the work is newer around 1 year old the cleans are once per month with around 20 fortnightly cleans the work is around north tyneside area and there's 4 main blocks of work with in each block the work is pretty compact how ever this is a bit driving between the for sections 


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